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Cohort 7 Mentee Application

We welcome applications for 2022/2023 mentee cohort of 40 students. We observe a strict 50-50 gender composition in our selection process so 20 male and 20 female mentees will be selected. 

Deadline for applications: May 7th, 2022, at midnight EAT.

There are no application fees. The program is free of charge for selected mentees.

*Emailed applications or documents will not be accepted. All submissions should be submitted via the application form.


Applicants should meet the following criteria:

1.  A full-time or part-time student studying at a Kenyan university/polytechnic/college, pursuing a tech-aligned diploma or degree program. Students whose diploma/degree is not within IT but whose course integrate with technology (e.g Bio-Informatics, Information Science, Computational Chemistry etc) are welcome to apply as long as these students are looking to pursue careers in tech.

2. Must have AT LEAST 4 months left before completing their studies or AT LEAST one full term left before completing their studies, as of August 2022. This means that a student must still have courses to complete with a minimum duration of at least 4 months/1 term left to complete these courses when we commence in August 2022.

3. Possess a minimum overall GPA/Score of grade C, due to the demanding nature of the mentorship program, which is additional to a mentee's school work.

4. Possess the ability to commit to a rigorous program from August 2022 to May 2023, with scheduled breaks in between. The time commitment of the hands-on workshops is 2 evenings and 2 Saturdays a month. Of the 4 sessions, 3 are virtual and one is physical.

Prepare the following documents before starting the application

 1. A verifiable, current and stamped transcript. In the absence of an up-to-date transcript, applicants can submit a transcript from the previous term. Transcripts that are more than 6 months old are not allowed. First-year students who have not received any results can submit an admission letter. The transcript should clearly show the course and level of study, as well as grades.

2. A 1-page reference letter from a teacher, mentor, or employer to support your application, motivating your need for mentorship. The letter should also certify that you are a student and state where you study and the course. The referee should indicate why you need mentorship at this point in your life. The letter should be in pdf format, signed and contains the contact details of the referee.

3. Two essays addressing the following questions:
  a.) How would being a mentee at KamiLimu support you towards succeeding in your career?  
          (Max 450-500 words)
  b) One of our core values is 'Play'. In your opinion, what is the role of play in mentorship?
          (Max 350-400 words)
Both essays should be saved in one doc/docx file, each on its own page, and the file saved using FIRSTLASTNAME_ESSAY file name.

Eligible and ready with your documents? Click on the 'Apply' button to access the application form.

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