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We welcome applications from current diploma, degree, and postgraduate students taking courses in tech-related courses.  Students who are taking non-tech courses BUT integrate their work with tech are welcome to apply.


Applicants must have at least 4 months left before the end of their studies from July 2021 and have a minimum average GPA/score of a 'C' due to the demanding nature of the mentorship program, which would be additional work to their normal school studies.


Accepted applicants will be expected to commit to a demanding 8-month mentorship program (July 2021 to May 2022) that complements their classroom learning. KamiLimu is a free mentorship program, so mentees will not be expected to pay at any point. 

Applications are open for cohort 6 mentees, until April 10th, 2021. Click the button below to apply.

Professional Mentors

We welcome applications from professionals who are practicing and have experience or trained skills in personal development, professional development, innovation, and scholarship writing.  


Our mentorship delivery model includes keynote speaking, hands-on workshop facilitation, as well as 1-1 paired mentorship with our mentees. Applicants select which format and track they wish to be considered for at the time of application. 


The benefits of working with us include participation in a structured model with clear guidelines of your participation so you always know what to expect and deliver, your impact is measured and feedback is given, you give your time to motivated and committed students, and an opportunity to build skills and change lives. 


Applications for mentors are open until May 10th, 2021.

Industry Partners

We welcome applications from companies that are seeking to increase their involvement in the academic community and who want to provide a platform for the empowerment of students through skills-building, exposure to the industry,  and mentorship. 


Our partnership model includes industry visits (one-off or regular), partnerships in hosting conferences,  ICT skills training by companies, and our mentees giving back through training on basic digital skills.   

The benefits of working with us include ready and structured access to university students from various universities, the involvement of a dedicated team of students in community initiatives, and an opportunity to directly impact the lives of students. 


Applications for partners are open until May 10th, 2021.