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“We are very proud to have worked with several KamiLimu mentees. They always have shown a preparedness and better understanding of the work environment and what is expected from them right from the job application, screening, interview process to their actual output in the workplace. KamiLimu has made our hiring process for engineers and developers more enjoyable and we have always ended up with absolutely great hires! Would highly recommend them to any startup or organization looking for talent."


September, 2020

“The KamiLimu candidate far stood out for being better able to express themselves, being better prepared for typical interview questions, were confident and had better work experience including personal projects outside coursework."

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March, 2019

“To me, KamiLimu feels like home. Never have I experienced such a wholesome supportive community whose greatest goal is to help you grow as a person."

Abdul Rehmtulla/ Mentee, Cohort 5.0 / Student, USIU-Africa

“KamiLimu has allowed me an opportunity to embrace my skills and positive personality traits, and also given me room to grow."

Gladys Kanyora / Mentee, Cohort 5.0 / Student, Kenya Methodist University

“The tips on writing papers and giving presentations have really helped in my school work. "

Brenda Nyaringita / Mentee, Cohort 4.0 / Student, JKUAT

“KamiLimu has made my confidence to grow immensely. And I am starting to have meaningful friendships. The best thing to happen to me this year! "

Grace Kahinga, Mentee, Cohort 4.0 / Student, DeKUT

“I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! KamiLimu is truly invaluable. "

Tracy Otieno / Mentee, Cohort 3.0 / Student, Riara

“KamiLimu has changed my life. I can't believe you do all this for free! "

Peer Mentor, Cohort 2.0 

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