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20 Partners, Since  2016

ACM-Dev, 2016

Our mentees volunteered at the 2016 ACM-Dev conference that was held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Africa Science Week, 2017

Our students volunteered at the 2017 Kenya Africa Science Week, hosted by the Next Einstein Forum.

Intel, 2017

The Intel Student Developer Team trained our mentees on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Gebeya, Kenya 2017

The Gebeya team facilitated a workshop on the importance of upskilling and opportunities in tech.

Google Kenya, 2018

Googlers at Google, Kenya, conducted regular breakout sessions where they guided our mentees on preparing for careers as well as CV-writing skills. 

IBM, Kenya 2018

KamiLimu was hosted at IBM, Nairobi, during a session on research trends and ICT Skills.

Nairobits, 2018

Skills exchange session at Nairobits where our mentees learned about Design Thinking, Web Development, and involvement in the community.

Akili Dada

2018 -2019

Our mentees have trained the students at Akili Dada on basic ICT skills in programming and computer literacy. 


2018 -2019

Our mentees volunteer at Africa Women in Tech - AWIT conference.


2018 -2019

KamiLimu hosted a workshop and a booth at AWTC conferences in 2018 and 2019. the workshops covered overcoming impostor syndromw, and structuring an intitiative,respectively 

Upeo Discovery,

2018 -2019

Our mentees volunteer at Upeo Discovery to train the kids on basic digital skills.

Africa's Talking

2018 -2019

Professionals from Africa's Talking have conducted practical sessions on Android Development and Data Science.

Women Techmakers, Nairobi, 2019

Our mentees volunteer at Women Techmakers, Nairobi conference.

Andela, Kenya


Technologists from Andela facilitated a session as well as hosted and trained our mentees on Web Development skills over several weeks.

Serianu, 2019

Technologists from Serianu hosted and trained our mentees on CyberSecurity skills over several weeks.

Adrian Limited,


Adrian Kenya hosted KamiLimu for an industry visit as well as hosted and trained our mentees on Networking skills over several weeks.


MediaPal, 2020

MediaPal is the first official partner for a recruitment model where the firm hired entry-level skill directly from KamiLimu.


Red Bull Basement Kenya, 2020-2022

KamiLimu is the official student mentorship partner for the 2020  Red Bull Basement  Innovation Competition.

Africa Tech Festival
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